MUVITUR – global virtual museum of tourism

MUVITUR – global virtual museum of tourism

muviturMuvitur is a global virtual museum of tourism created by the Portuguese Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies. The digital catalogue of selected items from the Croatian Museum of Tourism’s collections is part of this project which brings together tourism-related cultural heritage at the European level. In this way, the important collection of the Croatian Museum of Tourism occupies a place in a European context and represents a significant contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism heritage.

The Virtual Museum of Tourism website (http://muvitur.eshte.pt/en/project) was established on 2/6/2016 and allows the public to search for selected items from international tourism-related museum collections quickly and simply. The aim of the website is to make items related to tourism, leisure and hospitality more visible and easily accessible, to allow individuals and institutions to browse and carry out research, but also to promote partners and destinations, says Katarina Mažuran Jurešić, director of the Croatian Museum of Tourism.

The Muvitur project was the incentive for the implementation of the first phase of the Croatian Museum of Tourism’s online catalogue ( http://zbirke.hrmt.hr ): the online presentation of the museum’s items. The aim is to present Croatian tourism heritage and to promote the museum and its collections. The museum curator and collection manager, Nataša Babić, is in charge of the project to digitalise the museum collections and present them online with the help of Goran Zlodi from the Link2 d.o.o. company, which is responsible for programming and design.


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