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Bruno Mascarelli

Bruno Mascarelli

Bruno Mascarelli – ‘The Conquest of Art’

Juraj Šporer Arts Pavilion, Opatija, June 2018

Through his life, particularly his artistic work, Bruno Mascarelli has not only been a witness but also an active participant of the period that will be remembered for the battle against totalitarianisms and forcibly imposed worldviews. And it was in such a time that his artistic education was completed. However, Bruno Mascarelli did not stop at that, he went further, forward. With his art, he bravely defied everything that was imposed. The paintings of Bruno Mascarelli are an invaluable example of how art can be gentle, sensitive, silent and personal, and yet at the same time also powerful! By its insubordinate nature art is unbeatable. It is just such an insubordinate nature that manifests itself in the painting of Bruno Mascarelli, through his dreamlike, colouristic, powerful and lively pictures. The artist depicted his life through a combination of the expressions of cubism, futurism, metaphysics, surrealism and expressionism. A mosaic of philosophy and interpretation of the world around him, of his wishes, feelings, imagination and dreams. In Bruno Mascarelli’s paintings we recognise motifs, whether it is a landscape or portrait, which have equally silent, optimistic calmness and dynamics simultaneously.

The dynamics are manifested in the method of painting in which there is no place for polemics, from the heart, in a single moment the painted images contain a flash of surprises. The paintings are not condensed in darkness or mysticism, they are alight, they have a charge of light upon the wish of the artist. We come across the most obvious confirmation of such temperamental painting in the stroke of the brush which becomes a sudden act like thunder from a clear sky, a flash of a moment. After the painter has pondered and when he starts a dialogue with himself, in other words with his painting, a composed and careful considered return and refinement is necessary. It calms the feelings of the uncontrolled moment which dominated in the moments of the first strokes. Such an uncontrolled moment, created from excitement, is frequently turned into abstract expressionism which the artist easily returns to its figurative roots. The subsequent return to the painting or its finishing means that Bruno starts the process of the inclusion of memory, the recollection of a depicted place or person, a pleasant event linked to that recollection. Frequently the memory is mixed with imagination or some unfulfilled desire of comfort. Therefore the painting becomes calm and surreal. Mascarelli creates optimism with a living and powerful colourism, an almost boyish honesty. With a masterly skill, he achieves a balance between the initial powerfully creative excitement and the subsequently considered ending. Almost all of his paintings radiate with a feeling of satisfaction which overwhelms the painter too during the creation. The satisfaction that he has depicted the world in which things are arranged according to his wish, a world which is there, within reach, and in which he wants to be.

With the observation of Bruno’s paintings it is certainly necessary to take into consideration the kind of duality of his works too. The painting takes place through spontaneous processes, without planned in advance motifs or compositions, with simultaneous processes of abandonment and a constant, repeated returning to the picture. The departure and journey through the imagination, some imaginary world as well as the real, figurative world, like the departure from home and city, the abandonment of friends, as well as the constant returning. Similar to changes in mood throughout a single day. In addition to the factographic duality in which the painting is created quickly, dazzlingly and its subsequent considered finishing, there also exists the duality of figuration and abstraction. This duality is also accentuated in the titles of the paintings. At the same time the titles are also actual toponyms which present something from the artist’s imagination or they are a real representation of a named place, especially when it concerns a landscape. It is equally valid to a still life or a portrait. The artist obviously creates his paintings from memory and not by observing a depicted motif. Therefore they have an abstract component which emerges from reality or even a realistic component which emerges from abstraction. A visit to his atelier reveals figurative and abstract paintings to us that were created at the same. This is probably why the artist paints several different pictures at the same time, each one has its time for maturing which is manifested differently, depending on the figurative or abstract mood of expression. With such visions the painter moves around on the edge of the worlds of dreaming and reality, of fantastic and unusual representations, of images and reality which help him to create paintings full of surrealism, expressionism and metaphysics. An insubordinate fighting spirit who is striving for freedom, without limitation, with an honest representation of his ideals from his imagination and dream with the help of a brush and paint – Bruno Mascarelli in one sentence.

Dario Sošić

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