Greetings from Opatija

Greetings from Opatija

“Greetings from Opatija” is a quote that appears on old postcards, a commonplace phrase primarily associated with our town. The Croatian Museum of Tourism’s exhibition speaks of Opatija’s glory days, from the Austro-Hungarian period from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century when Opatija became a health resort for the European bourgeois and aristocratic elite through the Italian period when Opatija tried to maintain the status of a fashionable bathing resort right up until recent history: the period of the Opatija Festival, Opatija as a famous destination for nightlife and entertainment…

Moreover, we have exhibited objects donated by Opatija’s inhabitants and in that way we are contributing to the more vivid and authentic story of our town. We are still worthily collecting and including in the exhibition the objects as well as the stories, memories and anecdotes that accompany the donated objects inviting everyone who wants to take part to contact us.
The attic of the Swiss House has been taken over by Opatija’s contemporary artists involved in an activity entitled “Attic: anti-museum”. It is the activity that, in the attic atmosphere of the old house with old furniture, presents the hidden story of Opatija which does not differ much from the true visible story. This story is hidden in our attics, in our private rooms whilst by their exhibits the artists in this kind of space invert that logic.

The “Greetings from Opatija” exhibition will be opened on Friday, 3rd May 2013 at 7 pm in the Swiss House, in the Angiolina Park in Opatija. The “Attic: anti-museum” will remain open for only 15 days whilst other parts of the exhibition will remain open until further notice.
The author of the “Greetings from Opatija” exhibition’s concept is Tea Perinčić and collaborators are Nataša Babić and Katarina Mažuran-Jurešić. Authors of the design are Hrvoje Đukez and Stanislav Habjan.

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