The story of Angiolina

The story of Angiolina

1457The Croatian Museum of Tourism in Opatija is located in the villa Angiolina, whose story is well known to all Opatija locals – it is one of the oldest and most beautiful residential villas in Opatija. Together with the adjoining park, villa Angiolina represents a symbol of Opatija as well as the beginnings of tourism in Opatija.

It was built in the mid-19th ct. by the Scarpa family from Rijeka (wealthy ship-owners and merchants) at the former location of the modest house of sailor Matija Justi Katičić. The Scarpas were well-known for their hospitality, so the villa and the extraordinary ambiance of Opatija attracted guests from Rijeka, as well as passers-by and chance travelers. Count Viktor Chorinsky bought the villa from the Scarpa family in 1875 and sold it seven years later to the Southern Railway Company which began investing in Opatija. In the villa’s immediate vicinity, the Southern Railway company built the Angiolina Sea Bath, the first large-scale public sea bath in Opatija.

The interesting history of villa Angiolina had not been previously presented to the public within the exhibition of the Croatian Museum of Tourism. To correct this omission, we have prepared an exhibition on the history of the villa, its owners, famous visitors of the villa, the development of the famous Angiolina park… The story of villa Angiolina is told through items from the holdings of the Croatian Museum of Tourism, State Archives in Rijeka and the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral. The author of the exhibition is Nataša Babić, and the design of the exhibition was created by Veronika Uravić.

The exhibition was opened on Tuesday, December 27th of 2016, at 19:00.

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