Bruno Mascarelli

Bruno Mascarelli

Bruno Mascarelli: My Return to Opatija after 1954

He was born in Sarajevo in 1926. After Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1948, he went to Rovinj where his fruitful creative and intellectually orientated career began. Way back in 1954 he exhibited at the Arts Pavilion in Opatija. Now after 64 years he returns to the same town and the same gallery space. During that period the place of his artistic existence and creation were destinations throughout the world. The most relevant art historians have written about his creative opus. In 2006 his monography was printed and he was given a Lifetime’s Achievement Award. His very rich artistic opus will be represented in the Juraj Šporer Arts Pavilion in Opatija by a selection of drawn and painted works from his 90-year life.

The exhibition opening is 2nd June 2018.

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