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Bruno Mascarelli

Bruno Mascarelli - 'The Conquest of Art' Juraj Šporer Arts Pavilion, Opatija, June 2018 Through his life, particularly his artistic work, Bruno Mascarelli has not only been a witness but also an active participant of the period that will be remembered for the battle against totalitarianisms and forcibly imposed worldviews. And it was in such a time that his artistic education was completed. However, Bruno Mascarelli did not stop at that, he went further, forward. With his art, he bravely defied everything that was imposed. The paintings of Bruno Mascarelli are an invaluable example of how art can be gentle, sensitive, silent and... more

Bruno Mascarelli

Bruno Mascarelli: My Return to Opatija after 1954 He was born in Sarajevo in 1926. After Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1948, he went to Rovinj where his fruitful creative and intellectually orientated career began. Way back in 1954 he exhibited at the Arts Pavilion in Opatija. Now after 64 years he returns to the same town and the... more

Gustav Klimt

        The exhibition about Gustav Klimt consists of 15 posters which speak about Klimt’s life and work, and they are enriched by reproductions of his paintings, drawings, murals, and 7 of his pencil drawings. Establishing the ‘Society of Artists’, he decoratively renovated museums and buildings, after which he became a... more

The Czechs – the guests and initiators of Adriatic tourism

Croatia’s dear tourists began to visit our regions in great numbers back in the 19th century. Crikvenica, Baška, Kaštela, Kupari (Dubrovnik) and Opatija and others were popular destinations for Czech tourists, and their travels impressions and travelogues were published in local and foreign media alongside accompanying lectures in Prague. The Czechs and Croatia clearly liked each other and the exhibition shows interesting sketches from the rich past of the visits of Czech tourists to Croatia. The exhibition is open till 27th of May at Villa Angiolina. We are open every day, except monday, from 10am to 18pm. more

Postcards as Opatija’s touristic chronograph

This represents the interesting and rich collection of Opatija’s postcards until the end of the 19th century. Enjoy the authentic motifs which bear witness to the rich past from the colourful sights of Opatija, which have been a never-ending inspiration for many artists. In the postcards you will see how much Opatija has changed over the years! The exhibition is open to visit till 27th of May, 2018, in Villa Angiolina. We are open every day, except monday, from 10am till 18pm. more