Hrvatski muzej turizma
Vladimir Herljević: Sculptures

With his impressive sculpture work, Vladimir Herljević is firmly interwoven in the core of Croatian art. Herljević was born in 1930 in Vareš (Bosnia and Herzegovina); in 1951 he enrolled in the Zagreb Academy of Applied Arts where he graduated in 1956 in the Antun Augustinčić’s class, professor in whose Master workshop he spent over two decades. He continues to create with full intensity close to his... more

Ivana Popović: Observers

After Siniša Labrović’s project “Four Seasons”, Croatian Museum of Tourism continues with the cycle of exhibitions entitled “Guest Artist” through which it invites contemporary artists to comment tourism and everything that intrigue them regarding tourism by taking part as a guest in the museum. Guest artist on the first... more

Hungry designers at the Croatian Museum of Tourism

Croatian Museum of Tourism continues with the concept of opening and researching today’s tourism phenomenon and has, therefore, in September hosted some twenty Croatian designers who deal with the theme of gastronomy in tourism, through the project entitled Hungry Designers. This project realized by the Croatian Designers Association and Design Tourism platform follows up the successful exhibition Croatian Holiday with the aim to connect design and tourism, more specifically, the authentic homemade gastronomy, food design, recipes, products and food preparing scenarios. Project curators are Ivana Borovnjak and Roberta... more

Undersea exhibition: Lada Sega

The Croatian Museum of Tourism “opens” once again this summer its Undersea Gallery on the sea bottom at some 4 metres depth, on the sandy part of the sea between the hotel Kvarner’s and Angiolina’s beaches, at distance of 30 metres from the shore. This year’s the Undersea Gallery of the Croatian Museum of Tourism will host Lada Sega’s works. In her artistic reflection,... more

Mandrać 2013

The last weekend in July, Volosko’s small port, streets and stairs will become again a large open gallery in which some two hundred authors from Croatia and abroad will paint and exhibit their works of art. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, discussions, shoutings, tourists, walkers, wine, sea, jazz – Mandrać will be swarming with life and colours for the 28th continuous... more